We love the stories that are good told since birth till we leave this earth.

But often good stories are hard to find and often times when a good story exist, it will endup untold by a good story teller. The conclusion is that loads of good stories are very easy forgotten and a small amount of people had the pleasure to hear them.

In the case of small businesses is just the same.  Often their great stories and products a lost in time without a good storyteller that can promote their stories to those who need products made with love, care and who have stored in them decades of experience.

For example a great coffee shop is not just a coffee shop that provides you good coffee, it’s a place that gathered a lots of storiest through the years. Lots of couples start their journey together in such a space, a lot of joyful moments were shared and lots of memories were played back in a coffee shop.

Because of the way we are living or lives, good stories tend to disappear from our lives making to much space for the same short, repetitive and sad story. This story start in the morning, takes us to work, make us meet the family members in the evening when we are already tired and we hurry up to go to sleep, in order to start all over again tomorrow.

What about you and your business.

  • What’s your story?

  • Do you find enough time to share it yours?

  • Do you have the right skills to tell your story in the best way?

  • Do you succeed to help your clients to create trough your story, their stories?

I’m courious to know your business and you story.

Let’s get to know each other! You can say hello.

I’m Victor Trintea, who are you and what’s you story?

Hello Victor!